Thursday, January 16, 2014

Todays stop on the Mark of the Chosen Blog Tour

Today i get to bring you my review of Mark of the Chosen by T.W. Colvin

About the book
Kao was more than just a Dark Warrior, his kills and success rate put him on the fast track to becoming a legend in the Unknowns.  So when he received orders to eliminate a potential threat to demonkind, he was up for the challenge. But in his attempts to carry out his assignment he quickly discovers that claiming victory will prove far more difficult than he anticipated.
Marked as “unchanged” and falling out of favor, his adversaries have riddled his path with distractions and ploys to overtake him. Now thrown into a quest to uncover the keys to unleashing the Reckoning, Kao’s every action brings him closer to revealing the darkest secrets of the kingdom. But will he be able to put it all together in time to ignite the rise of the Unknowns?

My Review
It was a good but quick read. I was excited to read this book from the blurb, but it was just so quick. At times i was not sure who was talking, and i wish their could have been way more details added to make the book flow better. It seemed jumpy at times. 
The plot was worked out very well, just the execution needs a bit more work. 

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