Friday, February 14, 2014

Interview with the lovely Melina Turner

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Melina Turner. She has a book out at the moment called The Deathly-Roses Volume 1.

Here is the interview :)
  1. Tell me a little about yourself.
I am a creative kind of a person. If you’re a stranger I’m weird or shy; or maybe both but if I know you…it’s like “crazy woman’s coming everyone hide!” lol. I am all-in-all a straight-forward and honest person and if im not…there’s usually always a reason. I don’t do things without reasons. Im anything books junkie and have been writing for almost my whole life.

2.    A quick Sypnosis of The Deathly-Roses Volume 1.

 Meet Wisty, a teenager forced by her family to bond to the richest, in   Acrelain. But dire punishments, have given her something she never believed was true… Join Wisty as she sets off on her journey between good and evil to find the very truths…that could break her or make her stronger.

  1. If your book was made into a movie.
             Would have no clue so I’m going to call a rain check on this one.

    4. What do you enjoy most about being an author?
I enjoy most about being an author because I get to share my pieces with people, I get to inspire and I get to help other people become authors too J

     5.    What is your writing snack of choice? 
            I don’t usually eat when im writing otherwise I’m thinking more about the food than the piece I’m writing and I loose my track of thought

      6.   Describe your writing area. 

Are you sure? Im most comfy in my bedroom although I don’t have a desk, I have ways of turning stuff into one. It’s a comfort zone thing, I guess.

      7. Any tips for aspiring writers?

 Keep writing! The more you write the better you get.

      8.   What is your next project? 
Three actually: there is The Deathly-Roses Novel called Deodora Daggers, my very first YA Teen Romance called As The Past Played To The Present and my favourite paranormal Epic Novel Surrendering To The Flame.

       9. What is your favourite genre?  

To write…everything, I cover every genre. To read, I have a soft spot for thrilling crimes and fantasy

10. What motivated you to publish your writing? 

I guess you could say my own curiousity. I started writing and publishing in 2003, year 3.

11. Who would win a fight Vampire or Zombie?

 I’d definitely say zombie. Both are undead yes. But a zombie cant feel pain and will continue to kill no matter how many pieces of itself are left attached whereas a vampire feels pain and has a major weakness, if a zombie where smart enough to say punch a whole through a vampires heart (it’d be like staking) and it’d die. Vampires and zombies are both biters but whereas the zombie tears flesh, the vampires suck blood. The vampires poisons in teeth would not affect the zombie so that’s 6 points to zombie and 2 to a vampire BUT a potential  vampire killing instinct is its power which again zombies are dead so there’s no way of controlling them that’s out. However a vampire could win simply by detaching the head off a zombie’s body by tearing the throat out. Bam it can’t function properly, it dies. So all in all, I say both.

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